"Ma" (New Ending)

I have a new video for you!

Thanks to the lovely Kimra for shooting this at Yoga Phoenix on Saturday night. We had a magical time.

This song only has one word. MA. MA. MA.

Sometimes simplicity is best. This chant is so heart-opening because the "Aaaa" sound is a heart-opening sound. You can feel it.

"Aaaa" is also receptive to all good. "Aaaa" says thank you, I accept. I'm here. I'm ready. I'm available.

Ma is the first sound that babies utter and people think they are saying "mother." There is no concept of language yet. No association between words and things. No labelling.

Ma is not a designation. It is a feeling.

Of hunger fulfilled.
Of warmth fulfilled.
Of love fulfilled.

SOURCE provides all these things. And the mother is the vessel.

Getting back in touch with that feeling of MA is really beautiful.

Ma: Sound of Joy.

Sirgun Kaur

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